Automatic Divider & Rounder for pizza – Variable Weight


Automatic Divider & Rounder for pizza – Variable Weights

This machine has been projected for dividing and rounding dough pieces automatically, without spoiling them. The weighed and divided pieces pass automatically from the divider into the screw round moulder, once rolled, the dough pieces are well stored in the drawer below.
The compartment in the machine’s base has been designed to hold trays that can be supplied you, on request.
The machine is mounted on bearings, no maintenance is required. Charging hopper capacity about 5 kg.

Machine’s output: approx 2.000/1.000 pieces/hour accordingly to the desired weight.
The dough pieces’ weight is adjustable thanks to a proper mechanical control and an inverter, the weight range goes from a minimum of 70 to a maximum of 310 grams.
Ideal for those who have to divide different weights.

Spezza arrotondatrice automatica per pizza a peso variabile

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